LA Laker Eric testimonial image
I’ve been taking spin classes in Southern California for over 10 years and Studio Cycle is by far and away better than any other spin gym I’ve been to. The instructors are incredible! All classes are different and contain their own specialty and flair. My favorite instructor is G.I. Jessica. Her combination of music, instruction and motivational coaching encourages me to push myself beyond limits I normally would not think attainable. I’ve played for HOF coaches in the NCAA and NBA and none of them possess the spirit and passion she has. I look forward to class everyday and leave with a great sense of accomplishment. Also, the bikes are super sturdy so I never feel off balance. If you want a real experience and to get in shape, go to Studio Cycle!
Eric Chenowith, Former NBA Lakers Basketball Player
Laura testimonial image
Studio Cycle CDM is such a great place to be a part of. I have been to many other studios, and this is the best by far in the OC area. It really feels like a community and everyone is super friendly. All the instructors are amazing and friendly also. They always have great music and the classes kick butt (literally). I would recommend this studio to anyone who is looking for a great workout with great atmosphere.
Laura Coutts, Founding Member & Newport Beach Real Estate Agent
Anne Marie testimonial shot
This is a great spin studio, they know what they are doing here! Bikes are excellent (and more comfortable than others,) music is great and loud and the fun lights add a nice element. I have really enjoyed all of the instructors. Pricing is very competitive. I’m a fan for life!
Anna-Marie Claassen, New Member & Newport Beach Mom
Jackie testimonial headshot
Best Cycle Studio I’ve ever been to! The layout of the bikes is awesome. You don’t feel like you are a pinky length away from the person next to you and that is huge! Other studios I’ve been to have a set-up where you are practically on top of the person next to you which doesn’t allow you to do the upper body exercises effectively, not to mention who wants to feel the sweat from the person next to them. The music is awesome and the instructors are all very inspiring, encouraging and helpful. Pricing is also very affordable. Overall A++
Jackie Sukiasian, Loyal Member & Neighbour
Julie testimonial image
LOVE Studio Cycle CDM! Great “Boutique” spin studio. The instructors are fabulous as well as the clients. It is such a friendly environment for what could be an intimidating workout. I have been spinning for 6 years and I still remember my first spin class- I just wanted it to hurry up and be over. At Studio Cycle they do a great deal 5 classes for $50 for first time clients. This encourages you to keep coming back because it gets better by the 5th class. BEWARE- it is a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE WORKOUT!
Julie Pick, Founding Member & Newport Beach Mom
Marti testimonial image
Happy birthday Studio Cycle CDM….I do remember the original logo. Seems like you guys have come so far since then! I just want to say thank you for opening, being here consistently, improving all the time, and growing. I am very grateful for the tenacity and integrity of all the instructors and even employees. It has brought so many people together from our community in more ways than just one. Between the charity rides, motivational rides, inspirational rides, and birthday rides – there is never a dull moment once you walk through those doors. Studio Cycle has become a real gem in the heart of Corona del Mar and I would recommend that everyone stops by even if just for one class! You won’t regret it!
Marti Seymore, Founding Member & Neighbour
Cath testimonial image
I’m pretty sure this is the devil’s exercise. By that I mean I was praying for death about 15 minutes into my first session here. The music was bumping and the skinny chick teaching kept yelling set your intention. My intention is to live through this class. My intention is to wear tiny jeans. My intention is not to faint on the bike. I’m so happy my brother was in the class with me because if I died, he could tell the family how I died. I spent most of my class trying like hell to stay up the whole time and fantasizing about what he’d say to my dad when he said what happened? She died on a bike?
Objectively speaking, I’ve never tried spin before. It’s kind of a brutal workout. However, they had bumpin music (although it was a little bit hip hop for me.) And they had towels and water for me. The shoes are weird and funny but they apparently keep you on the bike. Of course, I didn’t exactly trust them so I was sure I was going to fall and split myself open on the bike.
The next day, I was sore. I knew I had done something new and challenging because my muscles were screaming at me. My arms burned from the little weights (2lbs) we used to exhaust our arms in a complex set. My thighs and my booty hurt from the exercise. But I felt good.
All in all, I’d do it again. I just need to go with a buddy or I might chicken out and stay home with a glass of wine.
Cat H, Member & Friend
FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE. It was only my second spin class ever so I didn’t have a lot to compare it to, but even if I did, I’m positive Studio Cycle would have exceeded all expectations. The woman working the front desk was very cheerful and friendly – helped me get situated, set up my bike, answered all of my questions, etc. Instructor (GI Jess) was unreal, in the best way possible. SO motivating, energized, and encouraging, all while pushing us to try as hard as we could (and then some). The studio looks small from the outside but is super cute and well set up on the inside. There are free towels, a great Alkaline water dispenser, and restrooms/a changing area. Parking is a little tricky – street parking on PCH, free parking in the lot immediately adjacent for morning classes, or paid parking in that same lot later in the day. I will DEFINITELY be coming back!
Sara Z, Recent client from Los Angeles, CA