Spin student

Our Mission: To Inspire and Motivate All Who Pass Through Our Doors

Studio Cycle offers you full-body workouts that brings the night to life with its black lights and upbeat music. Our spin and step classes are for anyone with an interest in a healthier life – from beginners through experts and everyone in between.

Our cycling classes present riders with an opportunity to clear their minds, removing themselves from their external responsibilities while being encouraged by the coaching from our incredible instructors. Indoor Cycling is a fun way to workout with a combination of high intensity and low impact to provide you with the ultimate results. Riders of all skill levels will not only burn calories, but the energy of the class will leave you feeling good all day long!  See Studio Cycle in Action.

Our Step Classes are not only a fantastic full-body cardio workout, they tone and shape butts and thighs like nobody’s business. And, best of all, step classes at Studio Cycle are so darn much fun!

The third component of Studio Cycle’s quest for our members’ total health is on-site wellness sessions with Dr. Jared Young, D.C.  Dr. Young offers appointments and consultations several days a week to keep your body in “peak state” and pain free.  The Peak State Wellness model uses chiropractic, physiotherapy, neurological stimulation, medical treatments, exercise, and nutritional counseling in order to accomplish this objective.

Want to learn more about StudioCycle CDM?  How about taking a free class? It’s the best way to see why we are so highly rated and why our members keep coming back year after year.

Spin.  Step.  Be Well.

Joli “Michelle” Scherer – Owner