Sara has a sweet, but sassy, energy that will inspire you to break out of your comfort zone and lose yourself on the bike. She is an OC native, cycling addict, and lover of all things health and fitness.

Sara’s classes are sure to push you passed limits, challenge you to turn up the gear and allow you to discover the bad a$$ you didn’t know you had in you. Her goal in each class is to provide an uplifting environment that allows you to be yourself and connect with others. She believes in riding as a TRIBE and the camaraderie that comes from lifting each other up.

Behind that sweet smile is a heart filled with a passion for movement, music, and inspiring others. Her favorite moves on the bike are some extra long hovers and double time alternating hand hops; with playlists that are a fun mix of deep beats, heavy hitters and EDM.

Sara strives to make earning those endorphins a straight-up dance party. She’s got a tough, yet compassionate, spirit that is sure to leave you craving more. So with that — time to clip in, connect, and get a little wild.

Sara K - Spin instructor at Studio Cycle CDM