My mission is to give you a fantastic workout while having the most fun! No matter what your fitness level or goals are, my class will challenge and motivate you to push yourself harder in every workout. The driving force of my class is personal attention and great care of your workout. The adrenaline rush is explosive, heart thumping music with a mixture of pop, rock ‘n roll, techno, and old school songs. You will earn your body in my class…let me be your inspiration!

GI Jessica is a personal trainer with additional certifications in Schwinn Cycling, Pilates Reformer, Power flex, TRX, and Flexibility. She received her bachelor’s degree from Chapman University in Psychology with an emphasis in Eating Disorders, Body Disorders, and Nutrition. Her objective as a trainer is to properly train, educate, and motivate her clients to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle; and achieve their personal aspirations. Her goal is to get her clients in the best shape of their lives. She trains hard, you will work hard, and you WILL see results!

EAT CLEAN, TRAIN DIRTY Come out and play!

– GI Jess


Full-Body (with hand weights) – A powerful and passionate ride to release your inner WARRIOR. Come out and play!

Jessica - StudioCycleCDM Owner